Revolutionizing Video Production: The Rise of AI in Video Creation

I have posted a few articles about generative AI art, today I’m exploring video generation, and I’m setting up a YouTube channel very soon to explore and experiment with video creation and editing. AI video generation has come a long way over the last year, recent updates and advances have some very exciting possibilities, but as a content creator can these tools make a real impact, and what can you create?

let’s have a look at the available tools, what can do and their limitations. There are now several tools available, for the demos in this post I am using RunwayML, Heygen and Pika labs. check the list at the end for more available tools.

Animated using RunwayML

How do you use video generation? You will find it very similar to using art generators, you input your prompt or upload an image and tune the parameters like movement direction, camera angles and duration. Many have similar core features, but different tools focus on different cases.

RunwayML you can create videos from text prompts, edit and animate existing images like the goblin above and edit uploaded videos. Heygen and Synthesia allow you to create video avatars.

A few examples of videos I have made:

demo 1 – This is a picture of me from halloween a few years ago I used HeyGen to create a talking photo.

demo2 – I used image to video tool on runwayML, I created the Image with LeonardoAI

demo3 – Using RunwayML again, but text to video tool, purely from text prompt.

The results are fairly good with simple prompts, therefore if we construct better prompts with a clear idea of what the goal is we can create some great content. I have tested out a few different tools, but there are some limitations, like morphing, when changing the image, which you can see in the dancing. When I tried some of my generated images with HeyGen it could detect a face, but these are still in development and will only get better.

Video generation is another great AI tool that content creators, entrepreneurs and businesses can leverage for social media ads, YouTube videos, short stories, staff onboarding and training, product launches, product instructions, video tutorials, courses and many other tasks.

Using visual tools to create, enhance your content or increase your sales and productivity of your business has never been easier. If your looking for more ideas for content creation, or want to discover more use cases for your business look out for upcoming tutorials at Goblin in the Attic, sign up for the free newsletter Only Human to keep updated. Watch out for my Youtube channel MunchbyteTV in 2024.


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